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melkor - Melkor M. Twitter

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Technical Death Metal 1

nomoretechnicaldeathmetal.blogspot.fr about 3 years ago

You saved 5 cents, and your code... 1

You saved 5 cents, and your code is not readable, congrats!I found myself reading this post, and at some point, I really wanted to cry:We had relatively long, descriptive names in MySQL such as tim... (See more)

ayende.com Dev Qualite over 4 years ago

Transforming Views with List Fun... 1

Just as show functions convert documents to arbitrary output formats, CouchDB list functions allow you to render the output of view queries in any format. The powerful iterator API allows for flexi... (See more)

guide.couchdb.org couchDB nosql over 4 years ago

Grooveshark - Listen to Free Mus... 13 3

Listen to any song in the world for free. Create free internet radio stations. Search for free mp3's to stream.

listen.grooveshark.com Gratuit Grooveshark Streaming + over 4 years ago

À l'abordage 3 2

hardabud.com droit d'auteur almost 5 years ago

UX Myths 4 1

UX Myths collects the most frequent user experience design misconceptions and explains why they don't hold true. And you don't have to take our word for it, we'll show you lots of researches and ar... (See more)

uxmyths.com Ux Web design almost 5 years ago

fear in the facebook Facebook Twitter

Pascal Nègre : la peur d'Hadopi ... 1 1

Jusqu'à 18,25 millions d'IP dénoncées chaque année à l'HadopiEn perspective haute, 50 000 « incidents » seront adressés chaque jour à la Hadopi, soit 18,25 millions chaque année visant des jeunes, ... (See more)

pcinpact.com Facebook almost 5 years ago

Munin - Trac 1

munin-monitoring.org Monitoring almost 5 years ago

Create custom event in javascript. Facebook Twitter

JavaScript tutorial - DOM events 1 1

howtocreate.co.uk Geek Event Custom almost 5 years ago

Planet Perl Iron Man 2

enlightened perl organisation

ironman.enlightenedperl.org Planet Geek almost 5 years ago

Les Journees Perl 2010 1

journeesperl.fr 2010 peerl Geek almost 5 years ago

Twitter and Facebook support in ... 1

account set facebook/nick_source first_name

digitalsprouts.org Facebook Geek almost 5 years ago

Comparing E-mail Address Validat... 2 1


fightingforalostcause.net Validation Perl Geek almost 5 years ago

Comparaison d’objets célestes 3 1

Comparaisons d'objets célestes, mis à l'échelle.

i.imgur.com almost 5 years ago